resetti what happened the last time you were up here?? i was worried about you!


That was the result of alcohol and extreme depression, which is a big no-no.  I’m very sorry for worrying you, it won’t happen again.

Hi mama Setti ! How are you now ?

I’m ok, I’m battling my problems in a healthier manner.  I’ve been a little bit bat shit lately and I haven’t been taking care of myself properly.  Thank you for asking, though! I’ll be fine with time.

mama setti, I MISSED YOU!! how're you bb?! <33

I’m ok! I missed you toooo! How are youuu?

I'm glad you're back, 'Setti. Things have been nuts for me and like I just got discharged from the psychiatric ward of this hospital last night and I WAS SO WORRIED ABOUT YOU.

Are you ok now?! I’m so sorry for worrying you!

mtgacnl just posted its her last day alive , please go check on her and spread it!


I know I’m late on this but is she ok?

settttti, are you okay? ive been worried :/


I am now, I’m sorry if I worried you or anyone else.  Like I said in a previous ask, it’s been a rough couple of weeks.

I hope you feel better because you're lovely and should know that. xoxoxo


Thank you, I’m getting better.

'Settiiii. Need halp with translating something! What does 'tachi' mean in Japanese? //crie thank u i've been looking everywhere for a meaning



This person reblogged a post from themselves seven times in a row, and of course it appears on my dash seven times in a row. I was about to throw a chair at my fucking computer. *sigh*


bby? you okay?

I know I’m late in response to this, but I’m ok I just had a really shitty past few weeks, but I’m overcoming it.